Wednesday, April 19, 2006

More interested in a quick buck now....

So I checked out this morning as I always do and saw that Garber & Co. have a major announcement set for tomorrow in Chicago. I figured that they would be annoucing another "great" thing. However, I just read something that I hope is wrong about this, because if it is correct, then I feel that this isn't the greatest of things for this league in the long run.

We Call It Soccer is hypothesising that tomorrow's announcement is that the 2006 All-Star match will be the MLS All Stars vs. Chelski. If I were writing this at the same time last year, I would have said that I liked the All Star format that had foriegn clubs play the MLS All Stars, it gives great exposure to MLS to the foriegn leagues and such. Then the Massacare in Madrid happend and Real Madrid butchered the MLS Select team 5-0, with the only good thing coming from that entire debacle was the nice Pepsi black jerseys. I figured that would be a wake-up for MLS, namely Garber & Co. Do not have MLS select teams play foriegn clubs, especially when you tout the MLS team as our best players. The result could be devistating. Having Chicago play AC Milan and lose respectively 3-1 or DC United play Chelsea and lose 2-1, those are what MLS should be getting scheduled. They should not be sending MLS's "best" against a foriegn club, especially another one of those "best team money can buy" clubs.

My problem is this, MLS should begin to start touting the clubs as opposed to the league. I know that it is a single entity group, but they have been around for 10 years now and the clubs themselves are the lifeblood of the league. Without the clubs, the league dies. Having Barcelona make a deal with MLS to play a three game tour here this summer was a good idea. Having two of those matches against Mexican clubs here at MLS stadiums or US venues, bad idea. Having them play Red Bull New York, good idea. LA played Real Madrid last year and lost 2-0, and didn't have Donovan in the line-up if I am not mistaken. Why not have them play Barcelona, they are afterall, the defending MLS Cup Champions? Why not have Houston play them? They had the best record in the league last season? MLS should be touting the best teams, not the best players. Touting the best players these days does nothing for the league, except offer them up for transfers away from MLS.

If Chelsea wants to come over here for another USA Summer Tour, then have them do what they did last year, have them go to New York, LA and Chicago or DC again. Playing clubs that have chemistry would be a better test for them anyways, and a better way to prepare for their upcoming EPL season. They are probably just going to play the All Stars then leave, which would probably be a waste of time for their players.

Hopefully, Garber & Co. are not announcing the Chelski vs. MLS All Star team tomorrow. Please don't make that so.


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