Thursday, May 11, 2006

Why did Donovan play last night??

So the LA Galaxy went to Dallas last night and after a 20th minute Carlos Ruiz goal, lost 1-0 to FC Dallas. As it was played on May 10th, the same day that the US National Team was to report to Cary, North Carolina to begin training for Germany, it would have been perfectly logical for the MLS players to all be in camp by the time this match kicked off. However, I was wrong the minute I saw Donovan listed in the starting line up for the match.

How stupid was it that Bruce allowed Donovan, possibly the most important field player on the squad, to play one more match this season? What would have happened had he been brought down and sprained his knee as Herculez Gomez did? Much worse, what if he broke his foot, much like Rooney did at the end of the Chelsea match? I question Bruce Arena's logic in allowing Donovan one more MLS match. The match means nothing in the scheme of MLS. The Galaxy are not going to miss the playoffs, regardless of how bad they are, RSL and Chivas USA should still do that for the West.

I understand that the US players based in Germany are reporting after this weekend, but that is due to the season finishing and their matches still mean something for final positioning. Eddie lewis probably won't get to NC until after the 20th due to leeds playing in the Championship Promotion Final against Watford, a match that means something. last nights match at Pizza Hut Park meant nothing to the LA Galaxy season. All that match meant was that it was an unjustified chance for Donovan to get injured and have to miss the World Cup.


Yesterday I posted that Chivas USA were hosting Houston last night. Evidently, that match didn't happen and I honestly have no idea when that match is to be played. However, I got the idea from the scoreboard that had the match starting at 10pm est. Oh well, my bad.


Anonymous Oscar M. said...

I don't think Bruce or the USSF have any formal authority to compel Landon into camp this early. Since LA/MLS pay for his salary, they might want to get him into one more game before losing him for the next month and a half.

9:23 AM  

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