Tuesday, August 29, 2006

News and Notes - 8/29/2006

Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup Article
ESPNsoccernet.com has an article about a familiar topic, the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup. Steve Davis pipes in with thoughts on this tournament, most of them hashed out among those of us who wrote on the 4th Carvinal of Soccer last week. As we all seemed to have beaten this dead horse, I figured I would drop some comments on Steve's article.

The three most interesting points I picked out of Davis' article was that the USSF has the clubs bid on the hosting rights. I honestly thing that is fuckin stupid. I agree with him that they should follow the English FA and have blind draws for each round. That way no one club gets any chance of having a preset advantage.

The second point I picked out was his suggestion that the matches be played home/away instead of the single elimination as they are now. Italy does this with their national tournament so that is how we could model ours on, and this would allow for both clubs the chance to play in front of a home crowd (unless you are RBNY, which means you still play infront of traveling supporters).

The third point I picked out was the change in dates. This is a must for sure. MLS clubs are at their busiest in August and tossing in a few USOC matches just does not seem right. Having the 4th round and Quarter Finals in May/June would allow for less congestion and less fatigue in August and the end of the season. Next season if the MLS/MFL tournament kicks off, August will be just as cluttered, if not more. Move the matches to earlier in the season. This would also give reserve players First Team chances earlier in the season.

Doing something to liven up the USOC is much needed, so any possible change or addition to the current situation is welcomed, but in order to create a bigger buzz for the tournament, something must be done to liven it up.

DC United finally sign Donnet
DC United have finally signed Matias Donnet, Argentinean midfielder formerly of Boca Juniors. Donnet has been in DC for about 2 weeks training with the club waiting for his work visa to clear. Donnet should see some time tomorrow night against the Richmond Kickers and should either be on the bench or starting the Sunday away match against Chivas USA at the Home Depot Center.

I have written about Donnet before and how I think he will be a good addition to the midfield that is already getting gassed. Having him be able to give Adu, Gomez, Gros, Carroll, Olsen and the rest chances to take 45 minutes or 90 minutes off from a match will be huge come the final stretch of the 2006 season and the start of the playoffs. He should also be able to step in for the September 6th USOC match at Chicago, so that is a positive as well.

With the current run of form, the loss of Mediate for the rest of the season, the release of Lucio and the trade of the Baltimore Motherfucker Tino, adding a solid midfielder couldn't come at a better time. I just hope he is everything everyone is making him out to be.

Out of Town
I will be out of town starting tomorrow for a week attending a wedding and some other related events. As this is a one man show right now, there really shouldn't any updates until next Wednesday. With the wedding happening as DC United kicks off against the Goats, I seriously doubt that I will get to watch. I will be attending a football game Thursday night, but it is College Football as I get to see my alma mater Arizona State University Sun Devils lay the smack down on my brother's alma mater Northern Arizona University Lumberjacks. Live sporting events are always fun.


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