Friday, October 27, 2006

I said that the search was a smokescreen.

Evidently, the guy who wasn't interested in coaching the USMNT is in "informal" talks with the USSF for the currently vacant job. The director of the Mannschaft, Jurgen Klinsmann is talking with Sunil Gulati about the USMNT Head Coaching position.

Funny how Klinsi's 6 month break is almost, almost up. Gulati is hoping to get a new coach by the end of the year...which is the end of the 6 months time. Smokescreen.

BTW - CNN/SI spelled Klinsi's name wrong in the title. It's not Kilnsmann.

Edit - They fixed the spelling.


Anonymous Mongoose said...

Klinsman is a major step up from what we have had.

No matter how good or bad the situation goes it will be an experience at a higher level of expectations and that is what the U.S. have to have.

Bigger expectations, farther horizons and for God's sakes a proven international coach that is a major name in football.

Every U.S. player, staff and committee member will be forced to bring their game up and forced to stop thinking that they are God's gift to soccer. Get your game up, so we can get our change up.

Shut up everyone who disagrees.


11:36 AM  

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