Saturday, October 07, 2006

Well, that sucked.

DC United 1 - 2 New England Revolution

I even got the score right, just the scoreline wrong.

Where do I start? In the first half, my girlfriend asked me why the Revolution players were faster than the United players. I didn't have an answer for her.

So should anyone be worrying right about now? Clint Dempsey is surrounded by 4 United players, yet he seemed to be a magnet for the ball to latch onto and was able to get the ball into the net. I know that Deuce is one of the top five players in MLS, but come on, four guys should have been able to at least foul the wanna be rapper.

Mr. Dyachenko, will you please come forward? Can you please finish your passes and make some runs up field to assist your friend Mr. Donnet in advancing the ball into the attacking third of the field? Rod missed at least three opportunities to make over lapping runs with Donnet, yet instead he passed the ball to the Argentine winger and stopped moving. Mr. Dyachenko was also very good at hitting the side of the net, but he wasn't alone in this, but while I am throwing Rod underneath the bus, I should toss him fully underneath.

That said, the award for the most useless performance of the night goes to Mr. Adu. Freddy was horrible, especially in the second half. Freddy, you want to play in Europe? You had better hope to god that none of their scouts watched you play tonight. You showed just how limited a player you truly are when you were gifted, yes, gifted two balls in the penalty box, with space, yet you failed to hit either of them first time, you failed to hit them on whatever foot you had available, and you blew both of them, in favor of trying to draw a penalty. God damnit, you utterly fucking sucked tonight.

I especially despised how you handled the last gift in the box. You had a pure chance to hit the ball one time, yet you tried to collect the ball, and then tried to draw the worse penalty that I have ever seen. Joe Franchino's "fall" right after the beginning of the game on Donnet's push looked more convincing than your fall in the box. Nowak was 100% right to pull your dumb ass off the field.

So, we couldn't score more than 2 goals; couldn't defend well enough to avoid a corner that is kicked directly at Taylor Twellman, who was unmarked; couldn't foul a guy who is surrounded by four United players; couldn't do anything in the Revolution box accept pass to each other one too many times in the second half. Are you guys really ready for the Playoffs?

Thank god you guys have to play either RBNY or Kansas City, because those two clubs can screw up a cup of coffee (btw - RFK coffee is worse than dirty dish water) because if you had to face either Chicago or New England in the first round, you guys would get blown away and have an early start on the off season. As it looks right now, you guys should be hosting the Conference finals, only to face one of the two clubs that should beat you guys.

Ok, enough bad stuff. I do have some positives from this match. Christian Gomez proved once more why he is the MLS MVP this season. The guy scored our goal, but it was a fluke goal on his part. What he was doing was things that no one else was doing. He was tracking back to win balls, tackling guys while others were watching the match fly them bye and running around trying to make plays. Christian Gomez is a freakin stud and should be lifting the Honda MVP award this season.

Stephen deRoux is like a breath of fresh air, only if United uses him. He was making some great runs and was a great spark on the left side of the field. His yellow card was a little weak, but other than that, he was a great addition to the match tonight.

The Return of Head Gear was a much needed addition as well. Alecko started taking some more shots, more than his teammates could muster. His yellow card for swiping Parkhurst was pretty friggin stupid, but none of the other guys were even attempting to step up and play the enforcer role. Hopefully Alecko gets more time next week and is able to contribute in the first playoff series, as the tandem of Alecko and Jaime is a much stronger grouping than with Freddy.

Freddy...son, you need to get better, and you haven't much more time if you want to go to Europe.


Anonymous Joanna said...

Don't forget the sweet cross from Namoff that gave Christian his goal.

Not to disagree with most of what you wrote, but I saw a lot of good out there ... more than in some other games in the very recent past. They wanted this one, you could tell. Didn't get it, but they weren't just strolling around out there either. Maybe Esky will start against Chicago. Then we'll be in business.

10:54 AM  
Blogger Brian said...

Esky starting again will definately be a huge Plus in the form of the club. As he seems to be about the only guy who knows that you can take a shot one time, he will make our attack stronger.

I was considering the Namoff cross, and as you stated, it was a great cross. But I left that out because I was more upset that there were 3 United players in the 6 yard box and the 3rd guy was the one who had to put the ball in the net. We should be pouncing on these balls, not flailing at them.

11:02 AM  

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