Friday, March 16, 2007

More Warner, when will it end?

Am I the only one who is trying to figure out why no one else opposed this?

Isn't there anyone in the USSF or even the MFA that feels that they could do a better job running CONCACAF?

I guess when a gangster runs the region, he can decide if he has opponents.



Blogger Christopher said...

Why doesn't Warner use some of that clout to perhaps save the sport in his country?

Otherwise, I wouldn't wish CONCACAF on anyone.

I think SuperLiga is evidence that the member countries do what they want regardless of CONCACAF anyway.

In charge of CONCACAF, maybe I'd try to pressure the SuperLiga tournament into being a CONCACAF event so some Central American or Carribean countries can qualify in... perhaps that's the tournament's future regardless?


3:43 PM  

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