Saturday, July 14, 2007

Match Recap: DC United 3 - 3 FC Dallas

I really wish we had lost this match.

I really do. We were up 3-0 at the 47th minute mark. You do not give away a 3-0 lead like we did. Can somebody say focus?

Ok, so my background in soccer, other than being a fan is pretty small and short. I played goalkeeper for three years in high school and never played after my senior year. I graduated from Hampton High School and during my senior year, I would always hear my coach screaming out at us as we we losing, "Your giving it away Hampton!" During tonight's match, I kept looking for Tom Soehn to be screaming pretty much the same thing at his players as they gave away the match to FC Dallas.

The first half and the beginning of the second half we wonderful. We were attacking, got a great early goal and a gift of a goal at the end of the first half. The goal at the start of the second half was a direct result of FC Dallas not being ready to start the second half. After that, the wheels fell off.

Was it Jamie's hammy pull? I doubt it. I did think that Kpene had just about the worst performance in a United jersey that he has ever had, but he wasn't playing defense, so I cannot blame him. I cannot also blame Emilio. Yes, I sad Emilio. The guy had two of the goals, but in the second half, he had a great run on Sala and instead of passing to an open Fred, it looked like he decided to try for the hat trick and take the shot himself. I believe that had he passed the ball, the score would have been 4-1 at that point and the match would have finished much differently. That said, none of these guys played defense.

I blame the four defenders. I really do. All three goals were the result of sloppy play on the side of our defense. Several fans on the Metro tried to convince me that the Ref was horrible and didn't give United one call the entire night. I agree, but when you have a 3-0 lead in the second half, the ref could step off the field and you should still be able to win 3-2 at the very least.

We screwed up and gave away 2 points tonight. I have never been so upset at a draw before in my life. Tonight was harder to accept than the 5-2 drubbing LA gave us last year, or the 4-0 drubbing Chicago gave us in the playoffs two years ago.

I hope that Tom Soehn has his guys re-evaluate things and get their minds focused on their job. We have a trip up to the Swamplands next Sunday, then we return after a short week and start the SuperLiga against Morelia. We started this MLS season with three loses, then a draw, then we rattled off 3 straight wins during a 6 match unbeaten streak. We have just picked up our third draw of the season, after two straight loses; hopefully we will return to our winning ways: starting in New York.

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