Monday, September 24, 2007

Quick Match Recap: DC United 1 - 1 Chicago Fire

When is a draw really a win?

When you essentially start your second string midfield against a club that is desperate for points and still leave with a point. That is basically what DC United did yesterday in Chicago with Olsen, Fred, Gomez and Simms all not taking the field at the opening. I liken this to the Redskins starting a game without Campbell, Moss, Cooley and Portis.

In any case, as I watched yesterday's tape delayed match on CSN, I tried my best to keep from switching channels as I watched the Fire midfield gobble up most of the play. Blanco's pass that setup Barrett's goal was very well placed and with the "luck" of Boswell failing to get back over to help out Namoff, Barrett beat Perkins for their goal. Once Cylde Simms was brought on the field in for Namoff, United's composure looked completely different. Yes we were still without Gomez or Fred making moves in the middle, but defensively, United looked much more solid.

Moreno's goal has got to be up for goal of the week. That was truly amazing, not only that it could go in from the angle that he hit it, but that Pickens completely flubbed it.

So we went in without our midfield and stole a point. Now that United took care of the bad situation, we have Wednesday nights Copa Nissan Sudamericana match to look forward to. With a full line-up expected (well, Namoff might be doubtful, I can't find any news) we should be able to put in a good match. We then have Toronto FC on Saturday, then at Chivas followed with at Kansas City and home to Chicago and the Crew.

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Anonymous john said...

Completely agree about Simms. United was starting to slowly climb back into the match before he came on, but wow what a difference a Simms makes

10:05 AM  

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