Monday, November 26, 2007

Brian Carroll now a Cowlumbus Crew

The San Jose Earthquakes traded Brian Carroll to the Columbus Crew today, right after he was selected in the MLS Expansion draft. Kei Kamara was shipped out to San Jose in return.

Considering that no one is really safe in MLS (ask Alecko Eskandarian or Cleetus) a trade this quick after being selected by Yallop isn't a shock. Steve Goff mentioned that it was expected that he was going to be traded and Ives suggests that it's because of his salary.

I never really felt that great about our midfield when Brian was in there. He had his moments, but with Clyde Simms showing him up at every chance he got, losing Brian to the Expansion draft was not that bad in my opinion.

That said, I do feel sorry for the guy, now that he will be wearing yellow in Ohio.

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