Thursday, April 03, 2008

MLS All Star Game announced: vs. West Ham

MLS announced what most people heard a while back: that West Ham will face the MLS All Stars in the 2008 All Star game in Toronto.

In no offense to West Ham or it's supporters (especially this one) but I still cannot understand why MLS had to "settle" for West Ham. If MLS couldn't get one of the larger clubs from Europe or South America to use this game as a season warm up, they should have canceled or just set up another East vs. West match. I say settle because we have played two of the larger European clubs before, Chelsea and Celtic. I am sure that SUM could have tossed a few million at Liverpool or Bayern Munich to make the trip. Adidas sponsors both of those clubs as well as MLS, so they could have helped broker the deal.

The All Star Game in general doesn't make sense for me anymore, but this years opponent makes even less sense, given the recent opponents.

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