Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yup, they did it, All Star Game vs. Chelsea

Chelsea were officially announced as the opponent for the MLS All Star's in the 2006 Sierra Mist All Star Game. You all know my opposition to this idea. I do have another question regarding this. They have announced that the match will take place on August 5th. The World Cup finishes on July 9th. Most of Chelsea's players (17 players, most in Europe) are going be involved with thier national sides, and after a full season of EPL play, FA Cup play, Carling Cup play and Champions League play, will Chelsea bring their entire squad?

Chelsea came over last year to play AC Milan and DC United in three matches, but that wasn't after a World Cup, so I am still wondering how they plan on giving their players a rest for the summer. If they do, will Jose be bringing a less than "best team money can buy" team? They are claiming that they will be bringing their full first squad, but I am sure that some will be left due to "injury."

Oh well, will this be called the Chicago Massacre or something?


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