Wednesday, May 24, 2006

USA 0 - 1 Morocco

I didn't get to watch the whole match. I missed Reyna going gimp on us and I missed the goal. I am not too surprised by the scoreline, from what I saw, we were not the same squad that played in the friendlies at the start of the year. I did see some of the shots that we took, Donovan's shot in the second half and Eddie Johnson's header off the Convey corner. Donovan's shot was a strong shot, but his aim failed him. Eddie did exactly what Eddie has been doing ever since he went down with his injury, nothing. He headed over the goal.

Arena played an experimental squad. Yes these are the players who will be in the World Cup (unless Reyna goes out with this injury) so they should still be able to play well together. Hopefully this is a result that embarrasses the USA players and lights a fire under their asses.

No reason to go into panic mode before the World Cup. Panic mode starts if these things happen -

1. We lose the next two matches.
2. Reyna leaves the squad.
3. We fail to score 1 goal in the next two matches.
4. Anyone else goes down.

No panic mode yet. Deep breaths, take deep breaths.


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