Friday, May 19, 2006

Soccer Digest - 5/19/2006

Red Bull New York fine/suspend Guevara
RBNY fined Amando Guevara $4,000 and suspended him for one match for his actions last weekend against Chicago. Guevara left the field right after being substituted, returning to the locker room to shower and change clothes. Guevara returned from the locker room, but instead of sitting on the bench with his teammates, he sat in the stands with his wife to watch his club lose their 1-0 lead and draw with the Fire 1-1.

Ives Galarcep seems to think that Guevara has played his last match with RBNY, and that he will either be traded or left to wallow in his self pity. I personally cannot understand why any of the other 11 clubs in MLS would even want to try and trade players for this guy. As Galarcep says, he has given up on his teammates. If my club traded for a guy who bitched and moaned about not being paid enough and still dicks over the club by returning late for preseason training and fails to even truly show up for matches, I would demand the front office re-examine their thoughts. This guy is nothing but a complete train wreck of a soccer player and a spoiled Central American brat. When he ever did play well, (I don't even think he was worthy of the 2004 MVP) he was ok, sorta like a good player on a shitty club, he is gonna stand out.

The best thing to happen for this guy is to have MLS just release him and let him bitch and moan his way back to Honduras, even if it means buying out his contract, which he shouldn't be earning anyways. It would be money well spent by MLS and RBNY.

Henry stays with Arsenal
Thierry Henry announced today that due to how inspiring his Arsenal teammates were in the Champions League final, facing Barcelona with 10 men, he will be signing a new 4 year extention to his contract. This means that Barcelona are going to need to pursue a different big game striker. If I were a Barca supporter, which I am not, a striker I would try and sign would be someone like Adriano from Inter Milan.

Good for Arsenal, they have been able to keep their star player as they open their new 66,000 seat stadium. Bad for the rest of the EPL.


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