Sunday, May 14, 2006

Weekend Update

MLS Review
I went 2-4 this weekend, nailing the DC United match as well as the New England match, I even got the scores right. DC United moved back into first place in the Eastern Conference and moved up to second in the Supporters Shield standings, behind FC Dallas, who drew with Houston 1-1. When will Nowak start taking Moreno off at 60 minutes or 65 minutes into the matches? Does he see a different Moreno than the rest of the world, the slow, un-imaginative and listless Moreno that needs to be playing only about an hour to save his fitneww for the entire season?

On Friday I gave RSL the lable "the 3 point slot machine of MLS." Up until this weekend, I feel that this title was justified. However, due to the events of the last two weeks or so, I have to say that RSL, in beating the LA Galaxy 3-0 at the HDC, did more than just get their first ever club road victory. They passed the title of "the 3 point slot machine of MLS" onto the Defending Chumps. LA seems to be even worse than I thought or Steve Sampson wants to think. They haven't scored a goal in their last three MLS matches, losing 8-0. Evidently the LA fans were chanting that they want Jurgen Klinsman to replace Sampson. First off, Sampson lead the Galaxy to the domestic Double last year, capturing both the US Cup and the MLS Cup. He is also in his second full season and is missing his best player. He should be given a little more time. Second, Klinsman has a job to do for the next month, and unless Germany fails to get out of their group, I still don't think he will be fired from his job running the German National Team.

It seems that New England is starting to play the way everyone expected them to do. Maybe they don't need Clint Dempsy? Twellman seems to have his scoring touch, too bad it is just about too late for an injury to give him a Germany spot, like he should have had.

FA Cup Review
Liverpool won their 7th FA Cup after coming back to draw with West Ham 3-3 and go on to win in penalties, 3-1. Gee...that sounds like what happend in the Champions League Final last year, Gerrard has to inspire a Liverpool squad back into the fight, then lead them to a Cup victory in penalties. This guy is awesome! I do not care for Liverpool, but damn if this guy isn't probably one step above Michale Ballack, who will be announced tomorrow as a new Chelski midfielder.

Other Stuff....
Juventus have won their 2nd straight Serie A Championship today, but if the tea leaves are correct, not only will they have to forfit this Championship, but they might be sent down to Serie B or worse, which might spark a sell-off of their players. Oh well, enjoy the trophy while you have it.


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