Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lets Embarass ourselves even more!

It was announced yesterday that Red Bull New York, a team that still has yet to win a match in MLS this season, will be hosting a friendly match against a very much depleted, Bayern Munich at Giants Stadium on the 27th of May. Granted Bayern will not have Ballack, (as he is heading to Chelski) Kahn, Ze Roberto or anyone else that play for Bayern but will be taking part in the World Cup, but other than Red Bull owning the club, why are they going to be playing two of the the more powerful European clubs in Europe? They are the only MLS club that will be hosting Barcalona when they do their money tour later this summer. Other than the fact that they are in the largest US media market, Red Bull New York have no business stepping onto the same pitch with these two clubs.

MLS should be sending their best clubs against the best in Europe. They did it last year when DC United played Chelski. Last year when LA was actually able to do something, they had them host Real Madrid. Chicago, a team that has at least won a MLS Cup, played AC Milan last season. Columbus Crew, a club that at least has a US Cup in it's trophy case, will be playing Everton later this summer. DC United seem to be on the verge of scheduling a match against Celtic at RFK.

They sure as hell shouldn't be sending an All Star team against Chelsea. Garber & Co. do not want our US players heading off to Europe, they want them to stay here. The only thing having a group of players gather for an All Star Team does is it showcases the best players for the rest of the world to see, and pick from to buy. If MLS wants to have a mid season event, they should have the defending MLS Cup winner play a visiting club and showcase that. (Only problem would be that this year LA sucks worse than a straw).


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