Friday, June 30, 2006

FIFA World Cup 2006: Quarter Final Predictions

The Quarter Finals start in about 13 minutes, so here are my predictions for the four matches.

Germany vs. Argentina
This should be the final. There really hasn't been two other sides that have played as well as these two have. Germany is looking like the Germany of old, winning matches and stomping on their opponents. Argentina looks just as deadly, with Crespo, Saviola, Riquelme, Tevez and company just oozing talent and quality as they keep their opponents at bay until the string 3 passes together, one of them gets open, and they have a goal.

The biggest question mark in this match will be how the German defense holds up against the Argentine midfield. If they stay composed and disciplined, then I think that the German's can mount a strong offense and crack the Argentine defense for goals. If they cannot handle the Argentine build up and keep their form, then Crespo will break and Riquelme will slot a pass or two through and Germany bows out. The German Defense holds the key for the whole match.

I think that Klingsmann has his guys prepared. I think that they go through to the Semi-Finals.
Prediction: Germany 2 - 1 Argentina

Italy vs. Ukraine
These two sides have been the luckiest in the tournament. Both have looked flat and been bailed out by penalty kicks, in one form or another. I do not see the Ukrainian luck holding against the Italians. Italy will be able to put in another 90 minute effort as they did against the Czech Republic and Ghana and they will move on.
Prediction: Italy 2 - 0 Ukraine

I will preview the England/Portugal and France/Brazil matches tomorrow.


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