Wednesday, June 28, 2006

WoW! A day without a World Cup Game.

Dunivant traded to RBNY
ESPNsoccernet is reporting that RBNY has aquired Todd Dunivant from the LA Galaxy for a partial alocation.

This might be a step in the right direction for RBNY, as they need defensive help. If he forms a good partnership with Marvell Wynn, the RBNY defense might begin to hold onto leads, if they get them. I do think that they need someone in the middle, assuming that Amado Guevara returns to the team and actually plays rather than sit in the stands with his wife, they might have something going for after the All Star Break. Then again, we are talking about the Red Bulls, and they are terrible.

Reyna Article
Ives Galarcep has a really good article about Claudio Reyna and the impact that he had and will have on the US National team. I think that Claudio was excellent in the Cup. He worked when no one past the defense would against the Czech Republic. He was the transmission of the squad against Italy. He really got screwed on the "flub" that he had against Ghana. I am still a little peeved over the fact that 3 times during that match, Ghana has a guy rolling in pain on the ground, and we kick the ball out of bounds. We have 1 guy get injured in the match (Reyna) and when the guy goes to ground, no one on Ghana's side tells their man to kick the ball out. Anyways...

I think he will be missed. He was a very controlled and structured midfielder for the US, and one that was important to have when we played defensive soccer. Hopefully, as we have seen three examples of how defensive soccer doesn't get the job done in an international tournament, we will follow a more Germany like approach and adopt a more offensive mindset for future squads, at least one with two forwards. If the US Squad does evolve into an offensive squad, then I think the impact of his absense will be lessend, as I do not think that Reyna would have been that great an option for a quick strike offense, Pablo will fill the role Reyna would have been moved into.

Good bye Claudio Reyna. You were Captain America and until someone with the armband steps up and proves that they can lead us like you have, you will still be Captain America.


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