Thursday, June 22, 2006

World Cup Spilled.

The USA lost today 2-1 against a Ghana team that was very good, but really wasn't anything special. The USA finished with 1 point, and a 0-2-1 record. They were blown away by the Czech Republic, drew against the Italians and lost to Ghana. With the exception of the first match, I really cannot bitch too much about how the USA did. We played the best match I have ever seen them play against Italy. I failed to recognize the team that played the Czechs. The team that played against Ghana was good, but I was puzzled why Bruce sent a defense team out against a side that we had to score on.

We all probably watched the last match for Reyna, McBride, Keller, and Pope in a USA uniform. I don't see Reyna going across the pond much more for the USA, the same for Brian. Keller might stay in goal, but look for Howard to be getting the starting shirt in the next couple of matches.

Dempsey should be on his way to a European club, most likely in England, maybe Germany. Gooch should be signing with Middlesbourgh any day now. Jimmy Conrad might get some looks from some Euro squad as well. All of these moves would be good for the US national team. Lets hope that MLS doesn't screw them and not sell their contracts, in the case of Deuce and Conrad.

All in all, I enjoyed the USA's run in Germany. I loved hearing three stadiums belt out the Star Spangled Banner louder than ever before. I have loved reading the fans blogs and their on the ground stories over in Germany. Makes me want 2010 to be right around the corner.

As for the US Soccer Federation, I hope they can learn from this and adapt the program to allow the US to do even better and when the World Cup is played on European soil again, we will only once have to hear the announcers mention that the USA hasn't ever won a match in a World Cup played in Europe.


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