Wednesday, June 14, 2006

First Round Thoughts - World Cup 2006

So, how about them Czechs? The Czechs were cashed on Monday!

Ok, enough about that match.

As the first set of 1st Round Matches are finishing up, here are my impressions of the tournament and the teams as of now.

  • Klinsmann's guys can score. They will score goals in this tournament. However, they will give them up as well. They play a distraught Poland later today, which will either be a German blow out as Poland pushes everyone forward for goals, or a German 2-1 victory.
  • England played ugly and still got 3 points. Imagine how they do if their midfield actually wins more than 5 balls all match? If they actually have a fit Owen and Rooney...well, they might, might live up to their hype.
  • Argentina have shown up this tournament, unlike 2002. Crespo/Saviola/Riquelme will have everyone they face on their heels.
  • The Czechs are for real. They certainly didn't play like they were a bunch of aging old vets. Nedved certainly didn't look like a guy about to retire. Arsenal have a gold mine on their hands if Roskiky can replicate his first match performance for the Gunners.
  • The Soccerooos have heart and that won them their match with Japan. They had better score earlier against Croatia though.
  • Two of the best matches I have seen involved African sides. Ivory Coast were impressive against Argentina. Ghana played inspiring football against Italy.
  • There is still sportsmanship in football. I cannot stand either Iran or Mexico, but when the Iranian's presented Sanchez with flowers for the loss of his father, they gained some respect from me. When Sanchez went out their and put on a display like he did, just after burying his father, I came away with more respect for him as well.
  • Who will be the Paper Tiger of the tournament? Ukraine or USA?
  • Will Spain finally get their monkey off their backs?
  • Whats with the French?

Well, Germany vs. Poland kick off the second set of 1st round matches at 3pm today. Lets see if anything major changes in this set of matches.


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