Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sampson booted out of the Galaxy.

The 2-8-1 LA Galaxy fired head coach Steve Sampson tonight. The defending chumps are last in MLS, failed to score a goal or gain 1 point in the month of May. They just plain suck right now. Their star player and playmaker, Landon Donovan, is currently in Germany preparing for the World Cup. His absense increased the ineffectiveness of the Galaxy offense, which did no help to Steve Sampson's chances for finishing the season.

In my opinion, Sampson, no matter how bad the club is right now, should have been allowed to at least finish the 2006 season out. The man lead LA to the US domestic Double last season, (MLS Cup & US Open Cup). That alone should have allowed him a season pass. The World Cup callup of his only creative player further worsened his side, something he really had no chance of avoiding.

This is a direct result of the MLS decision to not halt play during the World Cup. This will not be the only direct effect on the league this season. Kansas City has failed to win a match since they lost three of their players, look for Bunker Bob to start redoing his resume soon. Also be expecting Lalas to do some heavy wooing of Bruce Arena once the World Cup is over, in hopes of getting him to take over the Galaxy.


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