Friday, June 09, 2006

FIFA 2006 World Cup Preview and Predictions #5

The 2006 World Cup starts today in Munich, Germany. This week I have been giving my preview to the tournament and my predictions for the group phases and for the rest of the tournament. Here are my knockout phase predictions.

2nd Round
Germany vs. Sweden
The Swedes will be the first true test for the German machine, and they will not pass that test.
Prediction: Sweden

England vs. Poland
England wins this one with a goals from Lampard and Owen. Rooney starts his first match of the tournament.
Prediction: England

Argentina vs. Mexico
Mexico face an inspired Agrentina squad and fall due to a Crespo goal.
Prediction: Argentina

Portugal vs. Holland
The Dutch drop a very early goal and go on for a 2-0 victory.
Prediction: Holland

Czech Republic vs. Australia
The Czech Defense, if fit, stone wall the Aussie's.
Prediction: Czech Republic

Brazil vs. Italy
Soccer Poets come away with a victory in this match worthy of a Final.
Prediction: Brazil

France vs. Ukraine
Zidane shows us all why he will be missed. The World Cup is cut short for the Ukraine.
Prediction: France

Spain vs. South Korea
The South Koreans out run the Spainish and get a late goal to return to the Quarter Finals.
Prediction: South Korea

Quarter Finals
Sweden vs. Argentina
Argentina book their ticket to the Semi Finals in a very even matchup.
Prediction: Argentina

England vs. Holland
England beat the Dutch with a Wayne Rooney goal.
Prediction: England

Czech Republic vs. France
Henry and Zidane get the best of Cech and Nedved.
Prediction: France

Brazil vs. South Korea
Brazil sends the Koreans home, after proving that they are the class of Asia.
Prediction: Brazil

Semi Finals
Argentina vs. France
Zizu manipulates an impressive performance for the French and gets them into their second Final in 3 Cups.
Prediction: France

England vs. Brazil
England gets a goal, but the Soccer Poets get a late goal to book yet another final.
Prediction: Brazil

Third Place
England vs. Argentina
Can anyone say the Falklands? Argentina start quickly, but Rooney, Gerrard and Owen get goals and win 3-1.
Prediction: England

France vs. Brazil
Haven't we been here before? Ronaldinho, Adriano, Ronaldo and Kaka all play like Supermen. Henry, Zidane and Saha get a late goal and win their second World Cup.
Prediction: France

2006 FIFA World Cup Champion: France

Now I could be wrong....


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