Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Cup Thoughts

With all 32 teams having 1 match left, here is where we stand -

Qualified for 2nd Round:
- Germany
- Eduador
- England
- Argentina
- The Netherlands
- Portugal
- Brazil
- Spain

Eliminated from the World Cup
- Poland
- Costa Rica
- Paraguay
- Ivory Coast
- Serbia & Montenegro
- Iran
- Togo

There have yet to be any really big surprises in this tournament so far. Sure the USA failing to play against the Czech Republic; France having trouble finding the back of the net both qualify as surprises, but nothing on par with something like Angola knocking off both Mexico and Portugal to advance to the 2nd Round or Tunisia getting a 1-0 victory over Spain. The tournament has pretty much played out as people have expected.

New Predictions
Group A: 1st-Germany, 2nd- Ecudaor
Group B: 1st-England, 2nd-Sweden
Group C: 1st-Argentina, 2nd-The Netherlands
Group D: 1st-Portugal, 2nd-Mexico
Group E: 1st-Italy, 2nd-USA
Group F: 1st-Brazil, 2nd-Australia
Group G: 1st-South Korea, 2nd-France
Group H: 1st-Spain, 2nd-Ukraine


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