Monday, June 19, 2006

Weekend recap 6/19/2006

So what is the problem with DC United? We can score in the first half, but when we get a lead we sorta fall flat? Are the last 5 minutes of a match away from RFK kryptonite for United? I didn't get to see this match, but from what I read in the Washington Post and from, they played pretty much the same way that they did against the LA Galaxy. The Galaxy btw, are back on track, losing to Red Bull New York, the MLS draw machine, 2-1.

DC United has a mid-week match at home Wednesday night against the Chicago Fire, a club that is having some issues scoring themselves. As the Fire are the last place club in the East, I feel that this will be the perfect opportunity for Nowak's boys to get things back in order and pick up the three points. However, as they are the last place club in the East, this will be a fight, as United seem to not show up for the easy matches.

US National Team/World Cup
That match against Italy was one helluva match. We looked good, Italy looked flatter than I have ever seen them, and the ref was out of his mind with the damn cards. That boy better be on a flight back to South America right now, if he isn't on the ground there already. He ruined that match.

The draw was really a victory for the US program. It showed that when we have a tough challenge, being down to 9 men, we can still play the game. It makes up for the Czech match. Had they played against the Czechs with the energy and passion that they had against Italy, we would have at least come away with a draw against the Czechs as well.

The Ghana match will be one fight as well. I cannot wait for that match up.

The French were robbed of a goal and a win yesterday. They too played flat against the South Koreans and drew with them, but they had a goal stolen from them, as the replays showed the keeper swatting at the ball in the goal.


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