Friday, June 16, 2006

DC United Preview 6-16-2006

DC United vs. New England Revolution
Gillette Stadium

So was last week a disappointment? Was is a let down? Did United really lose the match against the Galaxy?

I 100% have to say yes. However, what ever doesn't kill you should make you stronger. I thought United played just about as dismal as a group of 11 players could do...until I watched the USA/Czech match the next day. The United side that went out against the defending chumps looked as if they were told to run at half speed. Don't really try and accelerate tonight boys, things will just happen for you. So we got a point from a road match, that is good enough.

Wrong. American sports fans have this understanding that you must win every home match, but if you get a draw in your matches on the road, you are still doing well. Why do they have this mentality? Because of playoff systems. Playoff systems reward clubs for not giving it their all, every time they step on the pitch. They tell players, "it's ok, do well at home and just don't lose away from home, you will still get to play post-season soccer." This type of mentality makes me seriously want to vomit.

If we as Americans want to truly be regarded as global soccer powers; respected enough in the media that when we get drawn against European teams in the World Cup, the media says that putting us in the group makes it difficult for the Euro sides to advance; we have got to get all of our players, especially our club football players, to want to win every time they put on their uniform. Don't just go out there and run through the motions, go out there and win every ball you try for. Go out there and take the shot, instead of passing it back. Scream at the guy holding the ball, "Give me the damn ball!" If you get the ball 30 yards out from goal, take a look at the goal and crack a good shot, without sending it into the 9th row.

So that brings us to the United match this weekend. DC United are leading the league in offense, points, and have the goalkeeper with the best GAA in Troy Perkins. There is no reason that when a DC United team this season, unless mauled by injuries, loses to the LA Galaxy. The Revolution are in just as bad a situation as the Galaxy are in. They have been struggling to get points on the scoreboard, with the exception of their goal splash that they dropped on the Fire last week to salvage a draw. Interestingly enough, the fact that the Revolution scored 3 goals should server as a warning to DC, they will hurt you if you play like you did in LA.

I have said this week in and week out, United must go out there and draw blood. If United are to win the Supporters Shield and go on to win the MLS Cup, they must take three points from every match that they start. If they don't they will get the mentality that allows a 4-0 ass kicking that they received at home last year in the play-offs against the Fire. a team that only shows up part of the time will do so when they least expect it. If they routinely go out during the regular season and try to win every match 3-0, then when the matches count, (MLS Cup, US Open Cup, CONCACAF Champions Cup/League) they will continue that mental state and will win.

United do not have any real bad injuries for this match, Jamil Walker being listed as questionable is the only one that stands out for me. There is no reason that Aleco and Jamie shouldn't be able to cause havoc for the back line of the Revolution. Gomez, Gros and Adu should be able to get them service as well as provide more offense than the new England defense can handle. Twellman, without service, shouldn't be a problem for Carroll and Simms. Perkins has been outstanding in goal, with some exceptions. He had one misstep, on the Jones goal, but other than that, he was strong, especially in the air. he must repeat that type of performance this Saturday, minus the misstep.

All in all, if the DC United side that has won 7 matches this season shows up, they win 3-0 with goals from Aleco, Adu and Gros. If they fail to show up, which seems to be a running pattern now, then they drop 2 points with a 1-1 draw.
Predictions: DC United 3 - 0 New England or DC United 1 - 1 New England


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