Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Uh, why are they not advertising this yet?

I understand that it is just 9:45am on a Tuesday and that the match was finalied last night, but I just checked the following three websites -

- ESPN.com
- Foxsoccerchannel.com
- MLSnet.com

None of them have any report, much less the press release, about the DC United vs. Real Madrid match. With 15 days to promote this match, are they just focusing on the local Seattle market? They might be getting links ready as I type this, but I am still a little shocked that none of these outlets, MLSnet most of all, do not have links for this. MLSnet should have a featured story about this match, they did for the Barcelona match.

I was only able to find out about this match through these outlets -

- DCUnited.com
- The Washington Post.com
- The Washington Times.com

Hopefully the coverage will expand soon, as their might be some people in Portland and other areas that would be interested in this match.


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