Friday, September 22, 2006

More incite to the US Coaching Vacancy

Grant Wahl has a pretty good summary of who could and might and might not and has no chance of being the next USNMT Head Coach. Go check it out.

I do find it interesting that Gulati has announced that the new coach will be named in November. If the USSF does wait until the MLS Cup to vote on who gets the job, then we are all looking at possibly 4 more FIFA international dates wasted because USSF is too busy trying to find the right guy. Everyone get ready for the USA to be ranked in the mid 40's by the time they play next, which maybe, might be in January, against that CONCACAF powerhouse of a country, Canada or a Japanese C Squad, again.

I understand trying to find the right guy, but Christ almighty, it should never take this long to line-up interviews and such. This should be Gulati's #1 priority. Has he been taking 2 week vacations inbetween phone calls?

Ok, enough griping. Just get a damn coach already.


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