Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ok, time for some random information.

So taking several days off from work seems to have impacted my posting a little more than I thought it would. Who would have thought that there would actually be stuff waiting for me when I got back? I should figure out a way to get paid doing this so I can quit my day job...cue up the "Don't quit your day job" jokes.

Anyways, so a lot happened last weekend, so here is my random information.

EPL stuff
Manchester United won their fourth straight in the EPL and continue to lead everyone with 12 points. Ryan Giggs scored off of a lucky rebound for the 1-0 win. Michael Carrick faded fast in the second half, but as he gets more time in with the rest of the side, he should be able to create more chances for everyone.

There was a lot of concern as to how Man United would do while Rooney and Scholes were serving their 3 match bannings that resulted from their red cards in the Amsterdam Tournament. As United have a 100% record in the EPL and both of them are coming back into the squad, the rest of the EPL should be have a small sense of anxiety. The lack of off-season moves by United were honestly offset due to the fact that Paul Scholes returned to the line up. As he was lost for most of last season, his return was almost the same as a new signing.

Liverpool were laughed off the pitch with a 3-0 spanking at the hands of cross town rivals Everton. US International, Tim Howard played a great match, finishing with 7 saves to lead the Toffees over the current FA Cup Champions.

Chelsea kept pace with United winning 2-1 over Charlton; Arsenal did not as they settled for a 1-1 draw with Middlesbrough.

DC United
So the DC United Reserves vs. RSL finally came upon us and it was a much better match than pretty much anyone was expecting. Behind a brilliant and beautiful Freddy Adu free kick, United drew with RSL 1-1. The outcome is much more than just the scoreline. It was a situation where a depleted squad came together and used every resource it had to get the result. Guys I have only seen in friendlies and even some I have never heard of, suited up and took it to the would be Kings of MLS. The goal that was let in was a very soft goal that was against the run of play, so there wasn't much to say about it. Our reserves proved that they could step it up and provide a larger amount of support for the club. I was proud of the guys.


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