Wednesday, October 18, 2006

1.5 Billion Reasons to move.

CNN/ is reporting that the cost of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, set to be held in South Africa, has again ballooned to more than $1.59 billion dollars, slightly more expensive than the $300 million dollar cost that was estimated when the country was awarded the tournament.

They are building two stadiums that will hold 70,000 people. Does South Africa have 70,000 soccer fans? I ask because they will have to fill that stadium after the World Cup and as South Korea showed, stadiums not used, start to cost more than some thought.

Why do I get the idea that FIFA and the South African organizers are so hell bent determined to stage the tournament here, no matter the cost, that they will do anything, regardless of the big question of whether of not a developing country should be spending $1.59 Billion (and you know it is going to skyrocket next month) on stadiums that they will use for maybe, maybe, 2 months?

And we wonder why there are poor people in the planet?


Blogger Rebecca said...

Soccer is a big sport in most countries and the world cup has been going on for decades.
It was basically an honor for japan and korea to host a world cup tournament, though the stadiums are costing much money, but hosting the tournament has created incredible memories and basically a new tradition for koreans every world cup, no matter where it is hosted.
the united states, being a country mostly dominated by the sport of american football, doesn't seem to know how big of an event the world cup is in other countries...

6:23 PM  

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