Sunday, October 15, 2006

On to the Playoffs

DC United 2 - 3 Chicago Fire

Ok, so we lost tonight. We have a 3 match losing streak. We allowed 3 goals tonight, 2 last week, and the miracle goal from Brian Ching.

I was ok with tonight's match, regardless of the loss. We worked better than we had, gave Benny and Head Gear time off, scored more than a goal, should have had 3 others, but the wood-work wasn't our friend tonight. Other than the fact that our defense wasn't able to run with the Fire on their counters, which lead to their second goal, we were not that bad. If this were a true pre-season match, I wouldn't be too worried about our form for the coming season.
So we travel to The Swamp and play RBNY in a total goals series. Playing on the turf isn't something I would have wanted to have for our playoff series. Our first match up there yielded a 4-1 victory, which would be absolutely perfect in my mind. Our second visit was much of a different experience. Our first encounter with the return of the Bitter One, and a 0-0 draw, a draw that in all honestly we should have lost. We looked like we had problems dealing with the turf, turf that we will have to handle well in order to get the result.

I like our chances against the Bulls, but the turf doesn't really do it for me.

BTW - 14 goals, 11 assists. How do I spell MVP? Christian Gomez.


Blogger D said...

Brian --

Not related to this most worthy of posts, but... What the hell is the title of this blog? I keep alternating back and forth between DCSundevil and "An American's View etc..."

Also, I like the site redesign.

2:55 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

I should change the URL to the real title, which is not dcsundevil. I will make the change in a week, but with enough notice.

3:53 PM  

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