Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Kansas City Suspend Eddie Johnson

The Kansas City Wizards have suspended Forward Eddie Johnson for the remainder of the season. The US international was suspended due to a "pattern" of events, which might have something to do with several shouting matches he seems to have had with teammates. Wizards Head Coach Brian Bliss is unsure whether or not this supsension would carry over into the playoffs, if the Wizards are able to avoid losing to RBNY this Saturday and clinch the final Eastern Conference slot.

I find it interesting just how Brian Bliss chose to word his responses in the article. One that I might just be reading too much into is this -

"When Johnson arrived here, talk swirled of the lethal combination he and fellow World Cup teammate Josh Wolff would form up top for the Wizards, but that never materialized.

"The few times Eddie and Josh were on the field together, they were always dangerous, even when they weren't scoring goals," Bliss said. "I think it could've worked out still if it was given a chance.""

Am I the only one who might beginning to think that Eddie Johnson's stay in Kansas City is going to be a rather short one? It sounds like Bliss has Eddie packing his bags and cleaning out his locker already. Hell, with the number of injuries we have had, DC United could use a large target forward.


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