Tuesday, October 10, 2006

If it flops like a duck....

Ok, I just read the funniest damn thing today. On CNN/SI, they have this quote -

"D.C. United starlet Freddy Adu spoke out in frustration about what he believes is unfair treatment from MLS officials. Adu believes MLS officials prejudge him as a "diver."-- Goal.com"

Freddy, if you don't want to look stupid, don't say these types of things. You do dive. I watched you dive twice against the Revolution at RFK on Saturday night. The second of the two was so bad that I am surprised that you weren't yellow carded and the Revolution defense didn't fall over laughing.

Freddy, you are an amazingly talented and gifted soccer player, one who will be making millions of dollars some day to play a game, something that only about less than 3% of the planet gets to do, while about 95% of the planet would probably love to do. That said, you really need to start taking responsibility for your actions. You need to stand up young man! The money and true fame will only arrive once you have.

As I sat in the stands Saturday night, I remarked that the future of the USMNT was on the field. My girlfriend said that I was talking about Freddy. I corrected her and told her I was talking about Deuce. Dempsey was out there running around like a man on a mission. He made such creative and quick moves on the ball that the United defenders were stuck looking like they were glued to the turf. He is so good that I hate him, unless he is in the USA jersey. I cannot wait for him to go overseas, just so he stops scoring on United.

Freddy, you need to step up your game just like Deuce has in the last few years. Once you get to his level, you will be ready for everything else to come. Until that day, I suggest you stay in MLS and keep working at the basics, like staying on your feet and shooting with either foot.


Blogger Kinney said...

I am going to have to disagree here. Does Fred flop? Yes. Was the second one a flop? Yes. Was the first one in the box a flop? Absolutely not.

Meanwhile, have you seen Dempsey play? I know he plays with grit and determination when he can get the ball but when he can't he flops. More than Freddy does. Then looks up at the ref with those big eyes in astonishment that his skill didn't get him the call.

4:58 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

Yeah, i will agree that Dempsey drops like a hot rock, but the difference is that Duece gets results. He fights for his shots on goal and he finishes his shots.

While Freddy has looked more composed in the midfield this season, whenever he gets the ball within shooting distance of the goal, he will always try and line up his left foot, never trying to get a shot off from his right, which is something he needs to stop doing if he wants to make it to Europe.

Freddy also has shown this season more of a proneness to fall faster than a bullet whenever he gets touched. It is almost like he is trying to say that he is so small that everyone not wearing a United jersey is man-handling him.

I want him to play the game. I don't want him to start picking up terrible habits and get labled, just as he feels he has.

7:01 AM  

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