Monday, October 09, 2006

Still in Question? Copa America Invitation

I found this on a side bar of Steven Goff's report for DC United's weekend match in the Washington Post -

"U.S. Soccer Federation President Sunil Gulati said he will travel to South America and Europe again in the next two weeks as part of his national team coaching search. He has four or five candidates. Gulati also said he will decide by Oct. 20 whether the U.S. team will participate in next summer's Copa America in Venezuela." - Steven Goff

Uh...why is this still even up for debate? Why would we (we being the USSF) lobby CONMEBOL for an invitation to the tournament that I assume we were already invited to, just to turn it down? That is like the popular kid in school asking to be invited to the neighborhood party, just to say, nah, I don't need to attend.

I understand that the questions regarding how to play in the CONCACAF Gold Cup and the Copa America are still looming and as we do not have a coach yet, they will be forced to live with any decision that is made. My question is, why is it so hard to figure out how to take part in both tournaments? Mexico does this everytime they are played in the same year, and they seem to handle it pretty well. Why is it so hard?


Anonymous Bill Ward said...

My understanding is that the new coach needs to agree to the decision. Gulati said he would accept the invite only if there was unanimous agreement among the coaching candidates, or once a coach is selected.

8:43 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

Yeah, that was my understanding as well. I still don't get why though. Gulati should just accept the invitation and then have the new coach deal with it. This wouldn't be the first time that a boss told an employee that they have to do something that they might not like.

Oh well, I hope that everything goes well and a trip to the Copa America is on the schedule.

6:59 AM  

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