Monday, October 30, 2006

DC United Recap 10/30/2006

DC United 1 - 1 Red Bull New York.

Yesterday was one really long day for me. It sorta started the night before when I got blasted at a Halloween party, only to have to wake up around 9am to get down to Arlington to see some friends run in the Marine Corp Marathon. While I was down on Army/Navy Dr. with a hangover watching all the people pass me as they were on the home stretch of their 26.2 mile race, I saw one guy wearing a DC United jersey which was cool.

The main thing I saw was heart. I saw people who looked like they had been run over by a truck. One guy was wearing a white shirt, but because of the friction, his nipples were bleeding through his shirt, so he had two huge red stains on the front of his white shirt, yet he was still running and was about to finish. I saw people cramping up and I saw people fighting to make one step after another. I saw the type of heart that I failed to see in DC United last night.

In front of 21,455 people, I saw United come within minutes of another post-season collapse. The Red Bulls were everywhere, winning balls, retaining possession and taking shots. DC United looked like a High School team playing against Barcelona. Our passing and positioning was horrible. In the second half, I wanted to strangle Freddy Adu, because he was killing our attack. I am not clear, but in the first half, I think is was Ben Olsen who collected a ball just over the midfield line, and Freddy was on his left, with a ton of space in front of him. Freddy, instead of starting his run forward, stood there. Ben sent a leading pass ahead of Freddy, and all Freddy in his hesitant ways could do is run after the ball as it went out of bounds. Freddy hesitated about 5 times last night when if he actually looked up to find guys, instead of looking down at the ball to see if his left foot was on the ball, he could have been able to get the ball to Jaime or Christian. Donnet couldn't have come on any sooner and I hope that he starts on Sunday instead of Fred.

God that was a tough game to watch. When I wasn't screaming "Freddy, Chelsea is calling someone else!", I was trying to push my heart back down out of my throat. Our defense, particularly Troy and Boz, saved that match from becoming a route. Christian's goal was great and he further solidified his hold on the MVP award, but with out Troy and Boz running the back, we would all be talking about when the first CONCACAF Champions Cup match will be.

I will tell you one thing, if we play like that on Sunday, the Revolution will knock us on our ass. They will destroy us worse that the beating we took from PUMAS last year. Peter Nowak had better get some of the guys to screw their heads on right, or give everyone a trip to the Landsdowne spa, or start breaking Chalkboards like Joe Gibbs used to do. If our guys can get their head's out of their ass's, and can actually perform in ways that we know that they can, then I have no problem expecting to see DC United play on November 12th. Things are serious now, collecting a 1-1 draw does nothing but force you to play another 30 minutes. Goddamnit, focus on your play.

On a side note, I wanted to thank the Screaming Eagles for their awesome Tailgate. I have been a member since 2005, but yesterday was the first tailgate I have been to. My girlfriend and I had a great time and are already planning on going back on Sunday. I recommend the bacon wrapped hot dogs.


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