Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bid him Adu: RSL trade for Freddy and Nicky

Yeah, I missed this last night.

So Freddy is no longer with DC United...good. I have said it before, I wanted to see him leave the club before the 2007 season to get the club a fresh start and to allow Freddy to continue his development. If Freddy is going to a central attacking midfielder, he will not grow in that position while he is at DC United.

The funnier thing about this is that he went to RSL, and they have a partnership with Real Madrid, which is one of the clubs that Freddy has expressed his desire to play for.

As for the other guy who was traded, Nick Rimondo is a great goalkeeper and will help out RSL a lot. I will miss him here in DC, but he was making way too much money for a back up goalkeeper role. With Troy Perkins firmly established as the starting keeper, Nick did have a less than secure role with the club. I wish him well.

So what did United get from this? Well, in a surprise move, DC United became the second MLS club to trade for a second Designated Player Allocation (DPA). This is a good step in the right direction as this allows United to be able to attempt to lure in a higher profile striker or two from Europe or from South America. I really didn't expect DC United to try and use two of the DPA's, as I figured they might have to use their only one on Freddy, but so much for that.

The move is best for Freddy. He needs to be able to play in the central attacking midfield role that everyone knows he can play in, but conditions in DC wouldn't allow. Assuming that he is mature about his new situation, Freddy should be able to increase his growth and continue his march towards a job in Europe. RSL were able to get a quality goalkeeper, but they should know that Freddy will be leaving this summer, so they had better sell as many #9 Adu jersey's as possible right now.


Anonymous Eric said...

Had to get that last play on words in there, didn't you. :-)

Actually, it was not a Designated Player slot, but a major allocation.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Brian said...

I was under the impression that the major allocations are the DPA, but I am awaiting some info explaining it.

If I didn't compent on this, I might as well just close the blog! :)

9:35 AM  

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