Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Goff to the rescue.

I stated in my previous piece that RSL traded their Designated Player Allocation to DC United for Freddy. I was wrong, and I went to Steve Goff at the Washington Post for clarification on what the difference was between the DPA and a Major Player Allocation (MPA). Here is what Mr. Goff sent me:

" As stated in the press releases and stories, it's a major player allocation, which means MLS agrees to pay the contract of a player that DCU identifies, up to approximately $350,000 or $400,000. Things get complicated if a transfer fee is involved.

With the Beckham rule, each team is allowed to acquire a marquee player. The league pays his salary up to 400K, and the team is responsible for the rest.

Very few teams will take advantage of the Beckham rule this coming season because of the high cost involved. Maybe NY and LA.

DCU will probably use this Salt Lake allocation to acquire a player from the Brazilian or Argentine domestic league."

Thanks for the clarification Steve. You too are a rock star in my book.


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