Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Possible MLS moves

It is being reported that Manchester City have terminated Claudio Reyna's contract, which will now allow him to move to MLS on a free transfer. Red Bull New York seems to be the likely club to pick up the 33 year old former USMNT captain. It remains to be seen how RBNY will handle his contract and if they will be forced to use one of their two DPA's.

In the rumor department, it seems that if Liverpool fails to offer Robbie Fowler a new contract, DC United might step in and try and sign the forward to a contract that would see him play out the rest of his career in DC. Fowler is a great forward, well he was, but I am not sure this would be a great move for DC United. I don't doubt that Fowler wants to continue his career, but I get the strange sense that he would become the second coming of Steve Guppy.


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