Friday, January 19, 2007

All Star Game Thoughts and other things.

So there is another source for the info I posted before about Celtic taking part in the 2007 All Star Game, go check out Black Panther for what I am talking about.

The whole All Star Game issue has been mentioned once or twice by me and as I have stated before, I really don't like the idea of the game. MLS puts it at a really bad time of the year and has always seemed to neuter the match some how, last year by scheduling it a day before the Chivas USA vs. New England Revolution match, which kept Deuce, Razov and Twellman out of the match, just to name a few. MLS seems to always have a problem with their scheduling; it’s as if they really don't have anyone paying attention to when they schedule things.

I know that these scheduling issues "should" be resolved once all MLS clubs play in their own stadiums, but something in the back of my mind says that they will still find new and greater ways to fuck up their own cup of coffee.

That said, they are finding their own new way of screwing themselves this year by adding the SuperLiga to the busiest time of year. Let me map out the problem -

July is going to be the busiest month of the season. The MLS season will be in full swing by this point. The Copa America will be held from June 26th to July 15th. You then have the U-20 World Cup scheduled for June 30th through July 22nd. Assuming that MLS has any players playing towards the end of either tournament, those players will either be out of the country or will not be in any condition to play in the All Star Game, which is rumored to be scheduled for the 19th.

Right after the All Star Game, four of the clubs will be going head first into the SuperLiga, which starts 5 days after the All Star Game. I know that this will not affect the league as a whole, but you have got to figure that players like Donovan, Cannon, Perkins, Boswell, Gomez, De Rosario, Clark, Cooper, & Ruiz will all be taking part in the All Star Game. Guys like Adu, Altidore, Donovan, Cannon, Perkins, Boswell, Clark, & Cooper will probably have some type of involvement in the U-20 World Cup and or the Copa America. So you have these guys playing in international tournaments, then rush back for the All Star Game, then most of them rush right into the SuperLiga, then the league again and maybe the USOC.

Haven't we seen enough seasons where guys get run out too much during the hottest time of the year (July & August)? Isn't this also the usual time for the European clubs to travel over for pre-season training and try and make money off of MLS clubs? So when is MLS going to start scheduling to help themselves? Garber & Co. should be lightening the schedule in July, not adding an exhibition, especially one that they themselves don't really seem to try and have live up to its name. If the All Star game doesn't have Donovan, Gomez, Clark, Cooper, Ruiz, De Rosario or Twellman in the match, then the match won't even live up to its name, pretty much like last season's match.

Ok, I am off the Soap Box now.

One of the other things I saw at Black Panther (have you checked it out yet?) was that Colorado is trying to acquire Coner Casey and he would like to play for the Rapids as he is from Colorado. Colorado seems to be out of allocations so they would need to trade for one to get the MLS front office to allocate Casey to the Rapids. I suggested recently that DC United should think about acquiring Casey, as he would fit into several areas that United need to fill.

However, considering that United are trying to bring in one to two more South Americans and they might be intended to fill the same roles that Casey might fit into, I might suggest that United trade an allocation for mike Petke. Yeah, bring the Wanker back. Our starting defense is very strong, but after the three starters, we are very thin. Also, if Soehn decides to move away from the 3-5-2 and go the 4-4-2 route, we need another starting defender and Petke would be a wonderful addition to Boswell, Erpen and Namoff. It wouldn't be the first time United has re-acquired a former player, look at Moreno.



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