Friday, August 04, 2006

Some Star Game Preview - 8/4/2006

MLS Some Stars* vs. Chelski FC
Toyota Park, Bridgeview, Illinois
6:30pm EST Saturday, August 5th, 2006

Who really cares?

This "event" has had a steady dive since it was announced. First it brought back the memories of Ronaldo laying on his back, doing his cockroach goal celebration against the MLS Select Team last year at the Santiago Bernabeu. Then when the starting 11 were announced, it actually didn't look that bad, Razov and Jaime up front, Gomez pulling the strings, Deuce and Donovan running at the Chelski defense (Deuce yes, Landy only in a jersey with the MLS logo on it), Perkins in goal. It looked good.

Who really cares?

Then it was announced that because the scheduling change, Deuce, Razov, Garcia, Twellman and Joseph would not take part in the match, due to the Chivas USA vs. New England Revolution match that MLS scheduled for before the Chivas vs. Barcelona match. So there go three guys who were picked for the starting 11, plus two other shoe ins for All Star selections.

Who really cares?

Then within the last week, it was announced that Pablo Mastoeni and MLS Poster Boy, Landon Donovan, would both miss the match due to injury, Donovan's coming from stretching before a friendly match. There are a lot of people claiming that Landy is just ducking another chance to play against a Euro squad. I don't buy it, but this is another example of the type of problem the All Star Game is for MLS.

Who really cares?

Garber & Co. have toughted this event as our best against the best in Europe, but I don't see our best even in the line-ups. The guys I mentioned, Kenny Cooper, Brian Carroll, and Kyle Beckerman. These guys should have been at least listed as well. Hopefully it will at least be entertaining.

Who really cares?

Chelsea in preseason form will still be too much for this side to handle. Expect a loss, possibly a bad one.

My Prediction: MLS Some Stars 1 - 3 Chelsea

* - The term Some Stars was coined by I-66, from Quartervolley.


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