Tuesday, August 01, 2006

2 Jersey's in two weeks?

What are the chances?

Last week I found out I cannot wear my Manchester United Ruud van Nistelrooy jersey with him being sold to Real Madrid. Now it seems that Red Bull New York might make me burn my DC United Dema Kovalinko jersey, if they get him to return to the states.

What next, Adam Archuletta leave St. Louis to play for the Redskins? Oh wait, that already happend. There goes my Rams jersey.

This might be a pipe dream, but how bad would it be if Dema returned to United? We would have another tested guy to rotate into the midfield. We have the cap space left over from Lucio. He can go forward and would have nailed the shot that Jamil flubbed. Anyways, pipe dream I guess.

See you all out at the Soccerplex, hopefully we all don't explode due to the heat.


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