Thursday, July 27, 2006

All Star Announcement?

MLS usually uses the All Star Game and the MLS Cup to make its major announcements regarding league wise issues, such as the introduction of expansion teams and such. As the All Star Game is next Saturday, it has been reported that Garber & Co. will be announcing a major TV deal will be announced next week, one that will have a major impact on the league.

As I said before, I would be happy with ESPN showing two matches a week, and FSC showing two a week. I doubt that will happen. What I think Garber will announce is that ESPN will show 1 MLS match every Saturday during the season, which is an increase as they only show matches in spurts. I think that they will also announce that FSC will be broadcasting MLS matches again, but in a different vein that they had been. Remember the CONCACAF Champions League (CCL) that we all heard about a while back? Well, has an article about MLS clubs taking on Mexican clubs, in that very tournament. I do find it a little convenient that this article comes out a week before the All Star Game. That should be Garber's big announcement. Back to FSC, I think that they will be broadcasting two of those CCL matches a week, as well as maybe a MLS league match on the weekend. FSC has shown CONCACAF Champions Cup matches before, so they have the experience with these types of matches. I don't see ESPN getting these matches as I do not see them really trying to figure them in against MLB games. FSC seems like the perfect medium for the CCL matches.

In any case, MLS needs to get a better deal for broadcasting of its matches. Direct Kick is a great idea for a great price, if you can get it in your area. I currently live in Ashburn, Virginia and have Adelphia Cable. Adelphia does not offer Direct Kick to its customers. I was willing to spend the $69.00 at the beginning of the season so that I could watch all the MLS matches I could get, but Adelphia didn't even offer it. I could have decided to pay the $20 to watch them online, but I understand that is iffy as well. If MLS gets more games on TV, then they can reach a broader audience. Hopefully the expanded TV announcement at the All Star Game gets more matches into living rooms.


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