Sunday, July 30, 2006

Some more thoughts of the debacle

Now that I had some sleep and been able to think more about that match last night against RSL, I have points to make.

Best Result for the Club??
Could last nights match actually been the best possible result for the club and the players? United had been riding a 14 match unbeaten streak, with several of those matches being ones that they either didn't play all 90 minutes or they escaped with 1 or even 3 points. The match in LA, were Cobi Jones punished United for sloppy defense and man marking at the end of the match. The first match in Columbus, where they got the early goal just to let one in late at the end of the second half. The match at Toyota Park two weeks ago. United were lucky there. The match at RFK against Columbus where United had a 3-1 lead only to drop off in the last 20 minutes of the match, but still get the win and the 3 points.

My point is, United had always, with the obvious exception of the Colorado loss, been able to go out and do what looked to be just enough to either get the draw or the win. 1-0 lead, no problem, the other team won't get through our defense, we can sit back. Well, last night, in a very cruel change of events, United watched a 1-0 lead (which that scoreline had quickly become the fight song for this season) turn into a 2-1 loss. They were unable to do just enough last night and after having 4 or 6 weeks of being able to do just enough, hopefully finally not enough will refocus these guys.

I have been bringing this up for some time, that United say that they are focused, that the events of last season were and are still fresh in their minds. That They want to atone for getting booted from every Cup they were in last season. They say all that, then when you watch them on the field, their play does not reflect that verbal commitments that they put in the paper. They look lethargic and slow. Again, doing just enough to get the 1 or 3 points.

If people are still even thinking that Peter Nowak is a candidate for the USMNT coaching position, then this will be where he either gets moved to second on the list (Jurgen is still #1) or gets moved off the list. His team played the worst club in MLS and should have left with a 3-0 victory last night. Anyone watching that match, even non-soccer fans could see that United were going downhill in the second half. I sat with two non-soccer fans, watching that match and they both asked me why United looked like they were wilting. Peter will have to get the ship straightened out and fast. They have a cup match on Tuesday and then some time off for reflection and recommitment.

Losing last night might have been the best thing for DC United. Win a season by losing a match? Maybe....


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