Saturday, July 29, 2006

John Wilson must Die


John Wilson single handedly lost the match tonight for DC United. He gave up the first penalty kick with a late tackle and then slid into Klein like he was trying to steal second base or something. There is no excuse for his inability to stay on his feet and defend. Kick at the ball, don't slide out of control. When the player is in the penalty box against the end line, force him to go back towards the corner, do not just jump at the guys foot!

Jamil Walker....put the fucking shot in the back of the net!! Take the goddamn shot! If he actually did his job as a forward, this would have been a 2-2 draw.

Ok, now that this is all out of the way. That was a shitty match. What is the problem with United? Chivas can put 3 goals in on these assholes but we barely get one ball in the goal? This shit better end now, and they better play as they are supposed to on Tuesday night or United will see the same opportunities slip away as they did last season.

DC United needs to stop going out to the Colorado Ranch. They stopped there before the Rapids match, 2-1 loss. They stopped there this week, 2-1 loss. Focus on the matches, nothing else.


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