Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Gravesen in for Man Utd?

According to Fox Soccer Channel, Real Madrid midfielder Thomas Gravesen has been given the green light to seek a transfer back to the EPL. He evidently tackled Robinho a little too hard for the galactico's liking during training and the two had some words. Gravesen has been linked with Newcastle, but Newcastle should really be looking for a forward, as they only seem to have one healthy on their roster.

Gravesen plays a defensive midfield position, one that Real used to have Claude Makelele in and Manchester United used Roy Keane in. Real attempted to have Gravesen fill the slot that Makelele vacated on his move to Chelski and Manchester United were linked with trying to sign Patrick Viera from Juventus to replace Roy Keane. As Inter Milan have signed Viera to a deal this morning, why not have United swoop in for Gravesen?

The United midfield are still in need of one more player, a defensive midfielder at that. He really shouldn't be that expensive of a transfer, maybe in the €6 million range, at most. He has played in the EPL before, so it wouldn't be a culture shock to play in the English winter, unlike several other imports to United have found out (Forlan anyone?)


Blogger Kamal de Gregory said...

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10:12 PM  
Anonymous mongoose said...

Graveson is a little bear and has a better disponsition then the ill beat your face in with a baseball bat style of old Roy.
This will be some good competition for Chelsea and further Arsenal's humiliation.


10:13 PM  

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