Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Possible Forward Idea for DC United?

As DC United are still looking at bringing in a couple more players for the 2007 season, most of the attention has been directed south to South America. DC United just signed Brazilian Emilio from CD Olimpia and he figures to be a large boost in the goal scoring department. I was checking out Yanks Abroad and I came across an article that made me start thinking about DC United.

So Conor Casey is looking for a new job, eh? The article says that he has declined an offer from RKC Waalwijk after a week long trial and is still searching for options either over in Europe or with MLS. Casey can't be making that much money over in Germany and is looking for something before the end of the transfer window. Mainz doesn't seem to be looking for a transfer fee, and he wouldn't require any type of visa to join the club.

Why not try and bring Conor Casey to DC United? His health might be one of the single largest reasons for any club to think twice about bringing him in, but it appears that his knee problems have been taken care of. He has 6 to 7 years of European club experiance which would be an asset to the coaching staff. He also speaks German, which would allow him to communicate with newly signed Emilio.

A move like this would be beneficial to both Casey and DC United. Casey would get a chance to re-establish himself on the pitch as well as possibly get back in line for some USMNT call-ups. DC United would get an American forward who has seen the ups and downs over in Germany, had to play his way into the first team of several clubs and speaks German, something (as mentioned before) will help with United's other new signing. Even though at first glance this sounds pretty far off, unless he has a major health problem that is being hidden from RKC Waalwijk (who wanted to sign him) he should be fit to play.

* - The picture has been shamelessly "borrowed" from Yanks Abroad.


Blogger I-66 said...

When he's healthy, I'm a big Casey fan. He's the sort of forward that hasn't been seen here in a while, though it would create a bit of a three-headed monster at forward that would have to be squeezed into a two-forward lineup, and I don't think Jaime or Luciano want to sit on the bench.

3-4-3 anybody?

8:06 AM  
Blogger Brian said...

United could always play a 4-42 with Gros/Boswell/Erpen/Namoff in the back, then have Olsen/Moreno/Gomez/Other South American in the midfield and have Emilio/Casey up front.

8:21 AM  
Blogger Kinney said...

Casey really wants to go back to his home town, Colorado. And Clavijo is willing to spend more on him than is prudent from the reports that I have seen. The only problem is the weighted draft because Casey is in the National Team player pool means that anyone can get him. I think the smart thing for him to do would be announce his retirement ala Reyna, go to Colorado and say that he is unretired. I mean he wasn't called into camp so it couldn't hurt.

9:12 AM  

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