Saturday, January 13, 2007

SuperLiga Announcement

About damn time!

That's is what a lot of people had to have been saying at 2:30pm EST as MLS, the USSF, FMF, and the Mexican Primera Division announced the new SuperLiga. Pretty much everyone knows what the tournament is and how the first eight clubs were decided on, if not, go check out the press link to get filled in. It has been quite a week for MLS, hasn't it?

Ok, so we have the SuperLiga all announced and ready to go. The MLS regular season will actually mean more this year as the 2008 tournament will have it's participants decided on by how they do in the 2007 season, which is how it should be. The tournament also has a $1 Million dollar prize, so that should be a good incentive for the MLS clubs.

As for the announcement itself, I found several things interesting. First, that they will be alternating the host of the tournament, at least, that is what they seem to be suggesting. Secondly, and most controversially, they are starting the tournament off with the clubs that probably have the largest fan bases. I have no problem understanding why the four MLS clubs are taking part, they will be able to attract good mid-week crowds to their matches, which to kick off the tournament, is essential. I would have understood if Chicago and Chivas USA were involved as well, but I guess they could only invite four clubs and had to choose. Considering the time frame that the tournament takes place in, Chicago might have not been invited to allow them to defend their 2006 USOC Championship.

The only thing I see as a major problem for this tournament is if Chivas, DC United, Houston Dynamo or Pachuca advance far enough in the CONCACAF Champions Cup that they get spots in the Copa Sudamericana. I am not 100% certain, but the timing might conflict with the end of the SuperLiga schedule. Hopefully, SUM has figured that out. It is funny that Pachuca and Houston could be meeting each other in the Semi-Finals of the CONCACAF Champions Cup, as well as DC United could meet Chivas in the Semi-Finals of the CONCACAF Champions Cup. SUM at least did their homework and kept them out of the same SuperLiga groups.

Well, I am excited. When I last spoke with my DC United ticket agent, he said that the extra three tickets on our season ticket plan would be the three SuperLiga home matches for United (it was still rumored to be called the USAMEX tournament at that time), so I will be at each of the United matches of the group phase. Hopefully United make it to the finals, and I will be with them all the way, drunk in the stands, cheering them on!


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