Thursday, January 11, 2007

Well, Reuters says it is Confirmed - Beckham to LA Galaxy

So as I am typing this up, my girlfriend calls me from work to tell me that CNN has as breaking news - David Beckham joining LA Galaxy. She was so excited, so could hardly control herself. I took her to 11 DC United home games last season, and this is the first time that she has been truly excited to go to a DC United match, to watch Soccer Spice play in a Galaxy uniform. as I was talking to her, my officemate, a young 22 year old woman overheard and now wants to have me get her information as to when Becks will be in town to play United.

The storm is already brewing. Beckham is coming to America. MLS just pulled off a coup, granted it was all known for a long time.

Ok, go back to your regularly scheduled programming. He won't be here until June, so we have time to make the signs.

* - The picture has been shamelessly "borrowed" by the very nice folks over at Fox Go check them out.


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