Tuesday, January 09, 2007

USMNT vs. Guatelama: 3/28/2007

The USSF officially announced the match between the USMNT and Guatemala for march 28th, 2007 at Pizza Hut park. According to the schedule on the article, they are planning for a match the 25th, which would fall right in line with the match with Ecuador in Washington, D.C. Tickets for the Guatemala match go on sale the 11th of January.

As we have known about this match for several weeks, it isn't that much of a surprise. It is against a CONCACAF side, which is good for build up towards the Gold Cup, so it makes sense. I do hope that if they schedule a match or two for May, that they get either a southern European side like Spain or Portugal (somebody willing to travel here or heaven forbid we actually travel right before the Gold Cup) or another CONMEBOL side. Playing CONCACAF sides should be our last resort and should not be an option after the Gold Cup and the Copa America.

Scheduling matches is a good sign, especially after the World Cup and the lack of activity since June of 2006. Mexico and Ecuador are quality opponents, I hope to see more matches scheduled against sides like them, rather than the lower CONCACAF sides.



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