Sunday, January 07, 2007

FIFA Calendar Has USA vs. Ecuador

The FIFA calendar for the USMNT is now showing the USA vs. Ecuador match that has been rumored for Washington, D.C. FIFA has it "scheduled" for March 24th, so this seems to lend some support for the rumor, as it is now on the Ecuador national team website and FIFA, and we all know that the USSF waits until the last possible minute (seems like) to announce matches.

Then again, FIFA also has this nice little disclaimer on the schedule site -
"FIFA's information does not stem solely from official information from the associations or confederations, but also from third parties (media, private individuals). FIFA can therefore not vouch for the accuracy of the data in every case (especially regarding friendly matches). However we make it our duty to constantly verify unofficial data." -

I doubt they decided to put it on their schedule based on the thread on Big, so I would bet that the match has been agreed to and they were handed the info from either the Ecuador FA, or from one of the USSF sponsors. In anycase, I am looking forward to seeing this match, in my backyard.



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