Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!!

So, let’s get into it.

Figo is a no go to the MLS.

Yup, the almighty dollar lead Luis Figo from Milan, an instead of leading him to MLS, he has decided to join Al Ittihad of Saudi Arabia for a 6 month deal. Figo will be making about $8 million for his 6 month stint. So does this mean that he won’t be going to MLS? I doubt it. Considering that his deal is just a 6 month deal and provides him with such a huge pay day, we could very well see Figo joining up with either the New England Revolution or Red Bull New York. The biggest decider on this move is whether or not either club has a DPA available for him to fill into. As of right now, RBNY has two and the Revolution have one. RBNY are rumored to be courting Ronaldo from Real Madrid as well as Claudio Reyna from Manchester City. If both players move to the Big Apple, then the only other option that has been discussed is having Figo join the Revolution. As of right now, there hasn’t been too many rumors other than Figo making the rounds, so if he is to make his way across the Atlantic, New England looks to be his best option.

Manchester United moves 7 up on Chelsea.

That might change this afternoon, as I fully expect Chelsea to pick up all three points against Aston Villa today. However, Chelsea seems to have found that chink in their armor; their defense. Dropping 4 points over the busy Christmas/New Years break might not be that much right now, but the effect will definitely be seen in the transfer window activities. Reports are already coming in that Roman will be spending for more defenders to shore up the leaky defense. However on the other side of the two horse race, and thank god that there is an actual title race this season, is Manchester United. United ran off a 3-1 record in the four holiday matches, only failing to collect all 3 points yesterday against Newcastle. Considering that United have been firing on all cylinders with a very thin offensive bench, the transfer window brings hope for SAF that the return of Rossi and the loan of Larrson will provide enough forward support for Saha and Rooney to last down the home stretch.

Will he or won’t he?

It seems that there might actually be a stumbling block in the path of Clint Dempsey’s way across the Atlantic. It appears that British labor laws are threatening to keep Deuce from being eligible for a work permit, due to not playing enough official matches for the US National Team over the last two years. His work permit is currently under review with A Professional Footballers' Association tribunal. As a transfer fee has been agreed upon between MLS and Fulham ($2.9 Million), the work permit is the only thing standing in Deuce’s way in embarking on his next challenge. I hope that he gets the permit, but I would have hoped that Clint tried his hand in Spain. I think that the Spanish La Liga would have been a little better suited for Deuce. I think that the style and flair of the league would have been perfect for Clint. As I understand it, he is fluent in Spanish, so the language barrier wouldn’t have been an issue there. I am sure that we will hear as soon as the tribunal reaches a decision.

Air Ronaldinho?

According to an email I received, Nike is adding Brazil & Barcelona superstar Ronaldinho to its list of athlete inspired clothing lines and shoes. This is just another step in the advancement of Nike in the global soccer/football community, as Ronaldinho is the first soccer player ever to be the focus of a Nike clothing line, something that Rooney, Ronaldo or Donovan have never done. You can put Ronaldinho right up there with Michael Jordan, Le Bron James, Tiger Woods and Bo Jackson.


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