Monday, December 18, 2006

Sorry, most likely no posts today.

I most likely won't post anything much more than this today. Work is a little hectic and being sick doesn't help it.

A few things though:

Manchester United played like DC United, at the end of the MLS season. Their finishing was off and they looked like they were shocked that West Ham even took the field. Some times you have to get punched in the mouth to remember you are in a fight. Hopefully this was the only punch in the mouth they need from here until May.

Did Barcelona take a dive? Is FIFA secretly telling the UEFA clubs to lose to the CONMEBOL clubs to ensure that people pay attention to their little tournament? I doubt that any of this has happened, I just felt like typing it. Good for Internacional, congratulations!

Club America took it on the chin in their 3rd place match in the FIFA Club World Cup. Well, now they have two weeks off, then they travel to the USA for the Interliga. They really want Copa Libertadores glory anyways.

Well, hopefully, I will have something for tomorrow. There is evidently some "Pan-Pacific Tournament" getting some rumors tossed around, I might hit that.


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